Founded in the year 2015, O2 Arcs is one of a kind business organisation. The company is managed by two brothers Jason and Nick who are thrill seekers themselves. Their love and passion for river rafting encouraged them to come up with an idea of offering this fabulous activity to a larger audience. It started by introducing their friends and family to this particular water sport and later became an entire range of activities being offered on a massive scale. Till date they have been recognised three times as the best river rafting experience providers of the country. This has motivated the brothers even more to create a one of a kind experience for all its clients..

Initially it was only Nick and Jason taking care of the entire activity from start to finish. However as they became more and more popular they hired a team of experts who now work on their behalf. Every member of the team is highly qualified in taking up such risky activities and is trained professionally to make sure that all the participants are kept safe. Apart from this they also work towards designing different rafting sessions so that you get a new experience every time. Their work also includes coaching you before the actual event in order to make you familiar with all the tips and tricks of a safe ride.

rafting safety

Besides this we also have a backend team which takes care of everything else accept the main sport. This includes registration for river rafting and other activities offered by us. They also take care of the customer support section and are in direct contact with the client in order to solve their queries. The main aim behind the establishment of the organisation is to make the best use of local sceneries and give clients an experience of a lifetime. So in case you are looking for things to do while you are in France make sure that you participate in white water rafting with O2 Arcs.